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What makes coworking cool?

Ever wished you could work at a place that is quiet, wired, but able to provide you access to networking opportunities if you want? Coworking is about working independently while sharing a physical workspace. It sure beats working from home or a cafe. Dive right in and be a member and find out for yourself just how cool coworking can be.

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A real office
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Build your network
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  • A REAL Office without the boss

    A Real Office. Without the Boss.

    Goodbye 9 to 5, now I work on my own time. I need a space that can accommodate my flexible hours.

    As independent workers we understand that you don’t need a huge amount of space. Armed with your laptop, your mobile phone, and a few charging cables, you are ready to work anywhere and everywhere. However, you need more than just a desk. You need a space that can accommodate your flexible work hours, nice sofa to relax, a well-stocked kitchenette with freshly brewed coffee, a place where you can just regroup.

    Let Cowork@SG provide you that space, a real office environment, without the boss. 24/7 access exclusive for our members. Yes all you night owls out there, we are talking to you!

    We manage everything, so you can concentrate on what matters most – your business.

  • Feel at home, minus distraction.

    Feel at home, minus distraction.

    Distractions at home go by many names, from k.i.d.s. to p.e.t.s. to b.e.d.s. to t.v.

    Distractions are productivity killers, and I’m sure you agree. Working from home can introduce many forms of distractions, making it a non-ideal place to work.

    So we introduced “on-demand” distraction. We give each of our members a status card to be placed on their desks to inform their coworkers whether or not they want to be interrupted or not.

    We want you feel at home, but without the distraction.

  • Make new friends for your biz

    Make new friends for your biz

    The community of independent workers in Singapore is growing and we want to bring everyone (well almost) closer together.

    Making our coworking space a platform where these interactions happen is our number one goal. Our members come from different industries, and we want to create a conducive workspace for synergies and collaborations to take place between members, to help make magic happen. We achieve this in a few ways:

    • a private social network just for members
    • a publicly available list of our residents of Cowork@SG posted on our website at cowork.sg with featured members and their work
    • form partnerships with supporting services so as to provide our members with value-added services organize events to promote member interaction

    Cowork with us, and join the revolution.

  • A REAL Office without the boss

    The trio of awesome-ness!

    You can’t work without electricity, and Internet connection, and coffee. We hear ya.

    Whoever said that Money makes the world go round hasn’t been out with all devices at close to zero percent charge, and trying to check email on a dead zone. Cloud computing has made us all throw all our stuff in the cloud, but without an Internet connection, we can’t access it.

    We make these available to you 24/7. How’s that for commitment?

    Yea we love you too.



  • The pods have landed!
    July 19, 2013 Your feedback is valuable to us. Many of you wanted a little bit more privacy in our desk arrangements, and we totally agree. So last week, Daniel and Augustine got hard at work rearranging our desks, chairs and sofas. We have created more cosy sections within our space called “pods” where one, two or ...
  • New Website Redesign
    June 18, 2013 Cowork@SG is expanding! We now have two coworking spaces – one in the east and one in the west. Our goal is to make it super easy for our members to work from either of our Cowork locations. Our membership plans start as low as $100 for CoCredits membership, and up to $400 for ...
  • Cowork@SG + Joo Chiat Kakis!
    March 22, 2012 We had a really nice time playing host to the Joo Chiat Kakis Hangout Nite. Joo Chiat Kakis a social group for young, creative and youth-centric businesses that are based in the Joo Chiat vicinity. Space at 8 is proud to be part of the Joo Chiat neighborhood and meeting all the cool people of Joo Chiat. ...